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MBA Recruitment and 50 years
of Excellence Event Campaign

Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University


Event Visuals
Corporate Communications
Interior + Exterior Signage

Creative Direction
Video + Editing
Print Management
The Desautels MBA Program is considered one of the world’s most recognized, international and dynamic MBA programs. It has developed a reputation among the top in the world for international mobility offering an experience that is worldly, integrated and personalized.

K10 has been hired to work with the Marketing and Communications team at Desautels to develop projects that encourage major strategic alliances and partnerships between the Faculty, outside organizations, key donors, alumni as well as encourage enrolment and higher ranking placement.

Projects have included the revitalization of the brand, the creation of visuals for the Annual Report, Alumni Solicitation and Appreciation Campaigns and the creation of various templates for monthly Innovation Fund Reports. Each item is delivered in its respective print and electronic versions and linked up to social media extensions.

Brand Strategy fact: at the onset of the working relationship and initial assessment, K10 identified the various unique opportunities to showcase student, alumni, professor and donor success stories as part of the overall Identity. A design approach was set in motion via various communication platforms to share these stories. Further, K10 developed a database of brand assets for the institution – photography (alumni on work sites), videos, the creation of map graphic highlighting the Desautels network, as well as infographics.